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The History of The Spear Law Firm

I began my career by practicing what is commonly referred to as “Friends and Family Law” or “Bill Law.” Basically, any case that would pay my bills I would take and most of those cases were from friends or family. In order to establish myself and gain more experience, I became a prosecutor. I began my career in the City of Atlanta Municipal Court for a few years, trying as many cases as I could to gain trial experience. I also learned a lot about traffic and ordinance law! I worked at Clayton County for a bit, trying various cases before moving to Gwinnett County where I was in the Recorder’s Court (more traffic and ordinances) and then moved to the Solicitor’s Office. After that I was able to go back to where I interned so many years ago in law school: Rockdale County District Attorney’s Office. There I was assigned to the DUI Court program. After some reflection, soul-searching, and great talks with many of my friends and colleagues in the legal community, I felt it would be in my best interest to open my own firm; somewhere I could bring my years of experience to work best for the people of Georgia. On a personal level I am a wife (19 years and counting), and a mother to a special needs daughter. Because I put family first, I am not available 24/7 so if your case needs that level of care, I can recommend another attorney or you can continue your search on your own. Back when I had free time, I enjoyed writing, and reading. I enjoy true crime as much as the next suburban housewife (lol). I have 3 dogs: 2 Husky mix rescues and a German Shepherd. Over the summer my daughter and I love to hang out at the pool. I am also a proud member of Rotary International, where we put “Service Above Self!” Rotary also works hand in hand with various charities and programs; for example helping to provide clean water in Africa, donating books to local doctor’s offices, and eradicating Polio (currently only 3 cases worldwide). We also donate quite a bit for Alzheimer’s research. We do amazing things!



J. D. 2009


Family (Divorce, legitimation, custody, support, adoption) and Criminal


J. D. 2009

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