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Welcome to The Spear Law Firm: Proud to provide top notch legal service to the people of Georgia.

Mission and Vision

  • Our mission is to provide superior service and legal counsel to every individual client in Georgia. We develop results-driven solutions to help our clients flourish during tough family decisions and serve as strong, responsive advocates for our criminal clients needing reliable and firm representation.
  • The Spear Law Firm seeks to ensure quality legal services in equal form and fashion are provided to the people in Georgia.
  • Knowing that every case, every situation, every person is unique The Spear Law Firm strives to provide unique solutions to life’s most difficult legal issues.
  • The Spear Law Firm exists to provide optimal legal services with reasonable pricing to ensure the best possible outcome for your complex case.
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About Me


Family (Divorce, legitimation, child support, custody, adoption) and Criminal


J.D. 2009

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Jennifer M. Spear

The History of The Spear Law Firm

I began my career by practicing what is commonly referred to as “Friends and Family Law” or “Bill Law.” Basically, any case that would pay my bills I would take and most of those cases were from friends or family. In order to establish myself and gain more experience, I became a prosecutor. I began my career in the City of Atlanta Municipal Court for a few years, trying as many cases as I could to gain trial experience. I also learned a lot about traffic and ordinance law! I worked at Clayton County for a bit, trying various cases before moving to Gwinnett County where I was in the Recorder’s Court (more traffic and ordinances) and then moved to the Solicitor’s Office. After that I was able to go back to where I interned so many years ago in law school: Rockdale County District Attorney’s Office. There I was assigned to the DUI Court program. After some reflection, soul-searching, and great talks with many of my friends and colleagues in the legal community, I felt it would be in my best interest to open my own firm; somewhere I could bring my years of experience to work best for the people of Georgia.


(5 Stars)

- De.Sm.

(5 Stars)

You have continued to provide zealous representation!

- L.M.S.

(5 Stars)

Mrs. Spears is truly amazing. I never thought I would get thru this process with my insanity intact. She listens and cares about what is best interests, for her clients. She is honest and trustworthy and always return your calls. I will be recommending her to anyone who needs her services.

- Ch.Ra.