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***** (5 Stars)

Wow. Shocking. Amazing. You’re amazing!

As. Ru.

***** (5 Stars)

I am so appreciative of Jennifer Spear and the Spear Law Firm. I endured a very difficult and drawn out divorce and finally in desperation reached out to Mrs. Spears to enlist her help after nearly two years of frustration with my ex being allowed to do whatever he pleased financially and no settlements or hearings to establish safety for myself and my kids. I found Mrs. spears to be professional, knowledgeable, and accessible. She is compassionate, listened thoroughly, responsive, understood the issues, communicated promptly, and treated me respectfully. She was able to finalize my divorce as fairly as possible given the circumstances and in a reasonable amount of time. (she came in at the end) She was the 4th lawyer I have utilized in seeking a divorce and was the only one who truly recognized and understood what we were dealing with. (verbal and emotional abuse, narcissistic personality disorder) We did not even have to go to court!!! I can’t thank her enough for getting me through this. My only regret is that I did not use her from the beginning.


***** (5 Stars)

Jennifer Spear is the absolutely sweetest person with a good heart. After hearing about a personal matter I’m dealing with she went above and beyond to help me although I had no legal grounds. For that I am forever greatful and will pay it forward. Again thank you Jennifer for all your help.


***** (5 Stars)

Jennifer Spear it’s not only a very capable and well versed attorney, but if you don’t retain her and use her services you are a freaking idiot! She is one of the finest attorneys I’ve met in my lifetime! Make sure you give her your business. I would recommend anyone to the spear law firm.


***** (5 Stars)

Jennifer Spear came recommended by another attorney I had reached out to regarding an adoption process. Right from the start she was so friendly and made me feel like I was talking to a friend rather than a big scary attorney. She was honest and helpful. I will look to her in future for needs I may have.


***** (5 Stars)

Mrs. Spears is truly amazing. I never thought I would get thru this process with my insanity intact. She listens and cares about what is best interests, for her clients. She is honest and trustworthy and always return your calls. I will be recommending her to anyone who needs her services.


****** (5 Stars)

Jennifer Spear is an amazing attorney. She actually really cares about her clients. She is honest, trustworthy, and it shows. She’s not out to rob you blind she is completely fair on her prices and will work with you. She’s a Christian and very family oriented. I will always use her and will refer her to any of my friends and family. And I have. So if your looking for an amazing attorney that actually cares about you and will fight for you all the way. Choice Jennifer Spear.


***** (5 Stars)

Wonderful experience, very informative about any questions I had throughout the entire process, great communication. I highly recommend!!


***** (5 Stars)

The Spear Law Firm was amazing representing my son. Ms. Spear worked hard to communicate with the prosecutor and get my son a deal with the option of a clean record. The prosecutor stated that her “good lawyering” was a big part of why he received that deal, and the other defendants asked for her to represent them on our way out of the building. We couldn’t have asked for a better result, a better experience, or a better lawyer.


***** (5 Stars)

I highly recommend this attorney! Spot on expertise without a delay. She listens and takes care of business. If she needs an answer she will find the right person who knows.


***** (5 Stars)

Jen was great! Very attentive to my needs and worked extremely hard on my case to insure a favorable outcome which far exceeded my hopes. Thank you


***** (5 Stars)

Mrs. Spear is the best! Very attentive, nice, and my case turned out exactly like I had hoped for! A friend recommended me, and I am very glad she did, I will be sending everyone I know to Mrs. Spear from now on!


“Stellar Attorney”

I just wanted to thank you myself for being a stellar attorney. Words can’t compare to the appreciation we have towards you. Thank you again and we will be using you a our family lawyer for as long as you practice law and would recommend you to anyone needing a lawyer.


***** (5 Stars)

You have continued to provide zealous representation!


***** (5 Stars)


***** 5 Stars


***** 5 Stars


What a lawyer is supposed to be.

I have consulted with Jennifer multiple times on family law issues and I have found her to be honest and right on the mark. I would recommend her to anyone seeking advise and/or representation in marital and custodial cases.


Helpful and Intelligent

Jennifer has helped me with several different legal questions in a broad range of topics from child custody for a family member to buying a house. If she didn’t know the answer off the top of her head (which was rare) she would consult other attorneys more familiar with that type of law or do as much research as possible and get back to me almost immediately. She’s down to earth but isn’t afraid to fight hard. She’s got a feisty personality with a lot of drive to get the help you need. I only needed her assistance for some legal questions, but would definitely hire her in a heartbeat if I needed her to represent me.


The Spear Law Firm is Awesome!!

Posted by Tracy
My car got hit by a person who spoke no English, had no drivers license or insurance. While my car was at the autobody shop, the owner of the shop decided to keep my car hostage because the insurance company was late sending the payment to him. Even though the insurance company contacted him twice to get him to release it, he refused which left me in a big bind for 7 days. I contacted the Spear Firm to find out what my options were and before I could count to 10, they got my car released immediately. If I ever need a law consult or a a lawyer with a solid track record, I will not hesitate to call the Spear Firm again. Thanks!!


Excellent service

I was new to the area & found myself in need of an attorney to help with some family matters. I was referred to Jennifer Spear by a friend and decided to hire her. She helped with my legal issues quickly, efficiently, and professionally. I found her personable & easy to talk to. I recommend her to anyone who needs a good attorney.

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